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Premium Support Services

The following terms apply to the services listed herein. Your purchase of any of these services is subject to these terms and our Homestead Terms of Service. Some services referenced within these Additional Terms may only be available during limited times and may not be available to all customers. Turnaround time for completed work is 2 full business days from date work is entered: 

If we are unable to bill your account for the quoted charge any completed work that we've been unable to collect payment for will be removed. 

Once we have started any premium support service, No refunds will be provided unless we're unable to complete the work.

Email Restore is not a guaranteed service. If we’re unable to restore your email, you will be refunded 100% of the Email restore service cost. In order to complete a simple email restore- the email box must exist or have been recreated and we must know the email address in question. 

Email Archive is not a guaranteed service. If we’re unable to archive your email, you will be refunded 100% of the Email restore service cost. In order to complete an email archive you must have provisioning for an additional mailbox on your account.
Site Move will copy the website files from one site to another site either on another account or on the same account.  To complete a site move we must know the site that needs to be copied, need to know where the site is located and the destination site name. If the site move is between two separate accounts, both accounts must be verified by a member of our support team. When a site move is completed, the copied site will remain on the original account until it is deleted by the account owner.  

Google Kickstarter will setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts for your website, place their tracking code on your website, create a sitemap and submit it to Google and have them crawl your website for indexing.  Code placement is limited to 20 pages for SiteBuilder sites.  As the customer, you must create a new Google account with support and a user for your BigCommerce store (if applicable).  After the project is complete the customer is responsible for changing all passwords.

Additional Terms
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