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Sometimes a site needs to be moved from one account to another.  If those accounts are on different servers it's a lot more complicated.  That's where we can help with our Site Move service.
Site Move - $50 per site

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There are a few requirements in order to make you eligible for this enhancement
1) You must provide the site that needs to be copied, where the site is located and where the site is going to (originating and destination accounts).
2) Both the originating account and the destination account must be verified by a member of our support team.
3) When a site move is completed, the copied site will remain on the original account until it is deleted by the account owner. 
4) If a domain move is also required you must let us know that, otherwise the domain will stay on the originating account.
​5) Site Moves are only available for SiteBuilder websites.  Storefronts can't be moved.
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